Teaching & Learning Process

Teaching & Learning Process

Teaching Methods: Helping students to learn different aspects of managerial skills along with identifying their strengths has taken as a forte of our teaching methodology. This will help our students to excel in their work areas and hence the following has been our teaching methodology.

Analytical Skills: Developing through discussion of various case studies and motivating to work on live projects.

Written Skills: Horning skills by doing research work in completing their assignments.

Team work: Expertise through presentations on group work.

Mentoring: Each student will be guided by faculty to complete their summer internship report and mentore while participating in inter-collegiate competition.

Personal Skills: Developing team building skills through proactive participation in different committees, clubs and inter-class competition activities

Personality Development: A major portion of learning takes place outside the classroom through situations and activities that call for team work, managing stress, show casing situational leadership skills and erudition other intangible qualities required from a professional. Most subject at MMS demand active student participation and students are expected to play an effective role in the seminars, assignments and presentation.

Management Games / Case Studies: “Accepting nothing at face value, but rather examining the truth and validity of arguments” is a vital learning at VIMR. This imperative rule of decision making in real life situations is discourse throughout all the semesters.

IT and computing Skills: Our students will be taught to acquire, organize and analyze the business information using appropriate knowledge of information technology to expand the range and effectiveness of communication in today’s high tech world. We have provided fully equipped IT lab and Wi-Fi campus to get our students well acquainted with the World Wide Web and online – resources

Industrial Visits: We will also arrange industrial visits for our students every year so that our future managers when step out of VIMR are ready to enter into the corporate world without any inhibitions