Conclave Finance

VIVA Institute of Management & Research in association with University of Mumbai had organized an Inter collegiate Finance Conclave on the theme "Impact of latest Financial Developments on the Economy & Career Opportunities" on January 12, 2019. The session started with welcoming of Guests & audience followed by addressal of Dr. Hiresh Luhar, Director of VIVA IMR. Around 280 students showed up their active participation from various colleges and Management Institutes across Mumbai.

The respected panelists for the Conclave were Mr. D.S.Tripathi - CEO - Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd(Moderator), Mr. Pavan Gupta - CEO - Muthoot Housing Finance Co.Ltd., Mr. Dilip Pendse - CFO - SVC Co-operative Bank Ltd, Mr. Mehrab Irani - GM Tata Investment Corp. Ltd, Mr. Jitender Nangia - DGM - ICICI Bank, Mr. Rishi Vyas - Head Banking operations at Patel Engineering & Mr. Dua - Director at VIVA Homes.

The main objective of this conclave was to provide a platform for Finance stalwarts to share their knowledge & experiences with the students & faculties. The Moderator for the session Mr. D.S. Tripathi set the direction by sharing his views on Power of Entrepreneurship and Financial drivers. The very first speaker Mr. Dilip Pendse set forth a broad view over the MSMEs. He added, "MSMEs are the first who suffers the most after any change in the economy." The discussion was then followed by Mr. Pavan Gupta who is amongst the topmost CFAs showed a brief picture of Housing Finance sector. He added," 242 Industries depends upon housing & infrastructure sectors & Housing sector is the 2nd largest employer after Agriculture." It was then followed by Mr. Jitender Nangia who talked about the emerging Smart Cities in the economy.

Further the session was continued by Mr. Mehrab Irani emphasing on savings and investments. He added," Risk & Returns are the two sides of a Coin." Also adding that Proper Investments can beat Inflation. It was then followed by Mr. Rishi Vyash & Mr. Dua who shared a broad picture of corporate finances or more specifically, "How large corporate finances make money?" The moderator Mr. Tripathi also shared a complete new perspective and acronym of Phd by motivating students to always stand for P= passion, H=hunger and D=discipline with which they can achieve any impossible goals and targets into their life. The conclave ended with an interaction session between the students and the panelists which resulted out into a great platform of sharing valuable insights and experiences.