Mr. Sachindra Kumar Rai, Chief Compliance officer
The Bank of Nova Scotia.

Mr. Rai spoke on Derivatives and its role in the financial world on Saturday, 27th August 2016. Mr.Sachindra Kumar Rai, the Chief Compliance officer of The Bank of Nova Scotia delivered the session. He is an experienced professional in the arena of banking and financial industry with a vast experience of 13 years. He broadly highlighted on the topics of derivative markets, Forwards, Futures, Options, SWAPs, participants of derivatives markets and much more.

The speaker also held a live session on derivatives market which gave practical understanding as well. All the students of Viva IMR across the specialization participated in the seminar and gained insight on the derivative market. The success of seminar was active and interactive involvement of students.

Mr. Hari Shankar Sharma, Head Risk Management.
GM – Bank of Baroda.

On 9th January 2016. Mr. Hari Shankar Sharma GM –Bank Of Baroda, Head Risk Management, spoke on the occasion and broadly highlighted the topics of different types of risks, steps and approaches in management risks, basis for deciding base rate, use of ratings, asset classes and components of capital and calculation in the internal rating based approach.

He also covered the topics of non-performing assets and its classifications, Basel norms and pillars of Basel norms. During the session Mr. Sharma also discussed on the career opportunities presently available in the banks. All students of VIVA IMR across the specializations participated in the seminar and gained insight on banking perspective. The success of seminar was active involvement of students.

Mr. Abhishek Mani. AVP and Head – Investor Relations, Corporate Finance and Planning
Reliance Infrastructure ltd.

“Key to gain competitiveness is to acquire skills in all areas” quotes Mr. Abhishek Mani. speaker at the one day on 4 th October, 2015. Around 200 students of various disciplines from various colleges from Phalghar to Mumbai Central had participated in the workshop. Such an overwhelming response had made the whole event successful.

Mr. Abhishek Mani, an enchanted speaker conducted a session on the students on fundamental and practical aspects of financial technical analysis. He divided the entire workshop into 5 parts.

  • Introduction to technical analysis
  • Types of pattern studies
  • Candlestick and chart patterns
  • Major indicators and other oscillators
  • Theories and practical trading strategies

He touched upon various career prospects and limitations which could be present and one need to be prepared for in the finance world.

He threw light upon intraday trading and generated interest in students through interpretations of graphs and various components and pattern studies of technical analysis.

Mr. Abhishek Mani explained various tools of technical analysis and its relevance today and explained through various e.g. of the corporate world. He brought a synergy among the students with lot of excitement and enthusiasm was generated. We look forward to many more sessions on similar topics with him.