About the journal

Volume 1, Issue 1

Editor ā€“ in ā€“ Chief:   Dr. HireshLuhar


Frequency : Bi-Annual

1. A study on Business Environment on Digital perspective of Small Scale retailer with special reference to Vasai - Virar constituency Palghar region by Dr. Veena Prasad & Mr. Ketan Dahya Rabhadia.
2. A study on religious issues which are unconstitutional for women by Ketan Rabhadia, Prof. Lalit kumar Patil & Prof. Prapti Naik.
3. Consumer Buying Behavior In Digital Era by Prof. Lalitkumar P. Patil.
4. Education Loan: Problems faced by students by Prof. Padma Chari.
5. Employee Engagement and its Interrelationship with variables such as job satisfaction, motivation, commitment and retention at workplace by prof. Vaneeta Raney.
6. Talent management is as critical as Capital Investment by Dr. Vipul Saxena.