President's Message

Shri. Hitendra V. Thakur

More than 25 years have passed since the foundation of “VIVA”, recognizing the significance of education in the development of a nation; we started with basic school in 1989 and junior college in 1991. Since the 2000–01 academic year, we have expanded our aim to include offering degree-level college education. To meet the increasing need of the moment, VIVA has grown and changed over the years from what it was in the past. Over 28000 students are receiving an education from VIVA at this time.

To put it simply, VIVA's foundations are solid, with a mission to promote strong values, create an atmosphere for innovation, emerge victorious, and further aspire for the welfare of all society's stakeholders. Our constant priority is the growth of the necessary competencies in our students so that we can serve as the best industry resource center. The environment of the VIVA Institute of Management and Research (VIVA IMR) fosters their ability to think strategically from a wider angle and create the managers of tomorrow.

Welcome to VIVA Institute of Management and Research.

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