‘Student Development Program’

Pandemic cannot stop the process of Teaching-Learning. To guide the young students of various UG & PG Institutes across Mumbai, a ‘Student Development Program’ was conducted on 9 th June, in association with ‘Bombay Stock Exchange Broker’s Forum’ on

the theme – ‘Savings & Investment Strategies for Youngsters’, through online YouTube Live platform. Total 293 students actively participated and interacted with the speaker of the program. The resource person for the SDP was Mr. Aditya Srinivasan – Chief

Operation Officer & Chief Economist of BSE Broker’s Forum. All the participants were provided with an e-participation certificate.

‘International Level Webinar’

To sustain in today’s era, following general etiquettes is must in corporate world. On 30 th June 2020, an International Level Webinar on the theme ‘Etiquettes for Skillful Survival

in Modern Era’ was organized in association with ‘Indian Accounting Association – Thane Branch’. A total of 7,700 plus participants participated in this program through

YouTube Live.

Mr. T. S. Sridhar, General Manager / Director
HMD Global.

A Seminar on ‘Leadership’ for the students of MMS was organised on 27th September 2018. The guests for the session were Mr. T.S. Sridhar, General Manager/Director-HMD Global - Home of Nokia phones and Mr. Ranjan Jha, Regional Manager – HMD Global.

The speaker Mr. T.S. Sridhar has varied experience of 25 years and success in driving operational growth, maximizing business opportunities, initiating start-ups and leading turnaround efforts. He delivered an inspiring lecture on leadership which was highly appreciated by the students.

The lecture was on how to be a leader, what qualities should a leader have and what challenges a leader has to face. He also discussed his real-life experiences with case studies and shared many examples of great leaders which motivated the students to strive for their future career. At the end, students were ecstatic about the session & requested him to come more often.

Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Ex-Chief General Manager,SBI,
Nominee Director– SBI (SKS Power Generation (C) Ltd.)

A seminar on ‘Macro View on Project Financing’ for the students of MMS 1st & 2nd year on 22nd September 2018 was organised. The speaker for the session was Mr. Rakesh Sharma, who is an “Ex-Chief General Manager–State Bank of India” & “Nominee Director- SBI (SKS Power Generation (C) Ltd.)” and has a varied experience of more than four decades in the Financial services Industry (primarily in the Banking sector). He has a rich knowledge in financial areas like Project Finance, Capital Market, Treasury, Mid-office etc. During his tenure in SBI as a Chief GM, he managed 1300 branches with more than 20,000 employees in Andhra Pradesh.

The session started with welcoming the guest by Dr. Hiresh Luhar, Director of VIVA IMR. Mr. Rakesh Sharma discussed about Cash flow and Fund flow, Fund Rating, Balance sheet Management, Venture Capital. He introduced many basics facets of finance like Shares, Debentures, Bond, DCF (Discounted Cash Flow), Block Chain Technology, Mid Cap Value Fund etc.

Further, he also shared his experiences and gave many realistic examples. Later on, an interactive round was conducted where students asked various questions and clear their doubts. The audience tuned in with rapt attention to listen to his valuable insights on the Topic.

Mr. Dilip Pendse, CFO,
Shamrao Vitthal Co-op Bank.

On 13th January 2018, Mr. Pendse discussed various theoretical as well as practical aspects of Project Finance & credit appraisals he gave a broader view on the functioning of the banks under RBI norms. He emphasized on ”Banking sector is like a Glass house—understand the mindsets of a person and you will understand project Finance”

Mr. Pankaj Jagtap, Sr. HR Manager,
Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd.

On 7th October, 2017, Mr. Pankaj highlighted the myriad corporate challenges of today and how to navigate through them, with the help of campus placements. He highlighted how Campus placements would be a catalyst to help students build their careers. He not only shared many interesting anecdotes of his own personal journey but also motivated the students to shape their own dreams.

The audience comprised mainly of 2nd year MBA students. He shared an inspiring video with the enthusiastic students & spoke of the challenges he had faced and discussed the kind of thorough ground work and preconditions required for a successful corporate career. He highlighted the myriad corporate challenges of today and how to navigate through them, with the help of campus placements. He highlighted how Campus placements would be a catalyst to help students build their careers. He shared many interesting anecdotes of his own personal journey and motivated the students to shape their own dreams. All the students thoroughly enjoyed his lecture & were very happy and excited by the end of the session.

Mr. Deepak Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer,
Amar Ujala publications

A Guest Lecture was conducted on “Digital Marketing & Web Analytics” by a renowned personality – Mr. Deepak Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Amar Ujala publications on 4th October 2017 . Mr. Dubey has the distinction of being among the Top 100 Digital Marketers in India & has more than 20 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Sales, Product & Brand Management of companies.

The session focused on the growing importance of Digital Marketing & also business as well as leadership skills of the budding managers. With a number of anecdotes, students understood the roles and inter-relationship of each business function and learn how to apply knowledge of Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, business fundamentals and market place to enhance the profitability and performances of the organizations.

All students of VIVA IMR across all specializations actively participated in the session. The awe-inspiring speech left the students spellbound as they tuned in with rapt attention to his valuable guidance.

Mr. Kishor Pradhan, CEO,
Global Trade Consultancy Services

A Workshop on “Supply Chain Finance” was conducted on Saturday, 11th March 2017 by Mr. Kishor Pradhan, CEO, Global Trade Consultancy Services, who delivered the half-day session. He is a banker by profession with varied experience of more than two decades in International Trade and Financial services. He is also a Member of Banking Commission, ICC, Paris & Co-Chairman, ASSOCHAM National Council on Factoring.

He broadly highlighted the importance of the Supply Chain Finance & Risk associated with it from Bank’s as well as Corporate’s perspective. He also shared the industry experience and different models of SCF along with latest trends in market.

All the students of VIVA IMR across the specialization participated in the seminar and gained insight on Supply Chain Finance. The success of seminar was interactive involvement of students.

Ex Executive Director,
Corporation Bank.

On 27th September 2017, Mr. Shrivastav an experienced professional with a vast experience of 37 years broadly highlighted the importance of the Primary Sector of India i.e. agricultural sector to over GDP and the dependence of Rural People on non-institutional lenders.

All the students of Viva IMR across the specialization participated in the seminar and gained insight on Rural Banking. The success of seminar was active and interactive involvement of students.

Mr. Subir Verma - Head HR & IR (WR),
Tata Power.

‘Career Planning and Expectations of corporates from Management Students’ by Mr. Subir Verma, Head HR and IR, Tata power, on 24th November, 2016 was attended by large number of MMS students.

The program started with a warm welcome extended to Mr. Subir Verma by our institute director, faculties & students with a bouquet. Mr. Verma gave us insight on what corporate expects from the new joinees, how an employee should behave in an organization, what are the skills needed to be an effective employee like proficiency in excel, power point, SAP e.t.c .He also focused on how one should one develop his personality to be successful in today’s competition like one should be influencer, challenger, good communicator and network builder etc. Apart from career guidance he also mentored us on the importance of Human resource management. He explained us the various aspects of HRM like talent acquisition, Recruitment, Employee Engagements, Pay roll management etc and their function, Five verticals of HR and importance of it in current scenario.Seminar was on till 11:30 am. Seminar was followed by a question and answer session. Q&A session was very good, Mr. Subir answered all the doubts of the students with valuable suggestions.

At the end of the session Director of Viva IMR- Dr. Hiresh Luhar presented a momento to Mr. Subir Verma followed by a Vote of Thanks by Prof. Sandeep Surange.The seminar was a great learning experience for the students.It was indeed a great pleasure for the students and the faculty to get so much practical insights about the HR field from a Top Corporate expert.Students were very happy and keen to have such seminars organized frequently.

Mr.Vishal Shah & Mr. Sonu Agarwal, Senior Managers,
ICICI Securities Ltd.

The event was arranged to help the students to expand their knowledge on technical analysis. Mr.Vishal Shah & Mr. Sonu Agarwal are senior managers in ICICI Securities Ltd and have regular appearance on Business channels, newspapers, etc.. Both are experts in the securities makts with more than 8 years of experience. They are also Guest faculty at various business schools.

They started off the talk with introducing the topic to the students and also cleared some of the confusions the students had in some basic concepts. Going deeper into the topic they explained the main pillars to the topic. While doing so they also briefed the students on some practices of the Stock market and also cleared the doubts of the students who were hindered in the stock market.

Technical analysis may look very hard on the outlook but in simple terms, it is a movement of price plotted on a time series chart. The main benefits of Technical Analysis is it gives an overview of a stock idea and includes some key info.Students had a lovely time & requested them to visit again for more exchanges.

Mr. Abhishek Seth, Asst. Manager-HR Talent Acquisition,
IL&FS Ltd.

To relate to the corporate world we invited Mr. Abhishek Seth, Asst. Manager-HR Talent Acquisition, IL&FS Ltd. to our campus on 13th September, 2015 for a guest session. The session was conducted on “Learning Organization”.

Today in the competitive world organizations have realized the importance of Human Resource and are evolving as learning organizations by expanding the capacities of the employees to learn and thus setting the new high performance standards. He described the core of a learning organization’s work as based upon five learning disciplines which represented lifelong programs of both personal and organizational learning and practice. This includes Personal Mastery, Team learning, Mental Models, Shared Vision and System thinking. He elaborated on all five disciplines and also benefits and problems faced by these organizations. Mr. Seth also patiently answered to the student’s questions making them aware about actually how the industry works. He also guided the students on the expectations, demands of the industry.

In addition to above discussion, he also gave career guidance to students on how to achieve their goals in a planned and organized manner. The lecture has proven to be very inspiring and informative for the students.

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